Sources of Pollution: Forestry


This is sometimes called silviculture.  It is the commercial harvesting of trees as a crop.  In the Barataria and Terrebonne Basins, cypress trees were historically harvested as a source of lumber and recently there has been a move toward harvesting cypress trees again (see the Coastal Wetland Forest Conservation and Use Website

How does this land use cause Non-Point Source Pollution?

Forestry clears away trees.  Anytime you remove trees and plants from the land you create loose soil.  In the case of cypress trees, they are already in wet soils.  Getting equipment into and out of cypress swamps can be a problem creating small changes in the surface of the soil increasing their ability to be eroded.  Metals, oil, and grease can also be problems in forestry/logging worksites from the machines used for harvesting.


What can you do to prevent this pollution?

  • Best Management Practices for Forestry  

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