Wings Over the Wetlands

We welcome you to southeast Louisiana where the pace of life is like the flow of the bayou – slow and steady. The tranquil and serene landscape here is not like most imagine,  ...and yet maybe it is. Thousands of acres of bald cypress-water tupelo swamp, fresh and salt-water marshes, and barrier island beaches extend as far as the eye can see. It is the productive nature of these habitats, our geography, and the influence of the mighty Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers that make this part of Louisiana – the sportsman paradise.

Our untold story ... or one of America's best kept secrets ... are the accounts that can be told about the vast natural resources of Barataria-Terrebonne, particularly those that involve our feathered friends.

These natural resources, supported by the many different habitats found throughout southeast Louisiana are demonstrated in part by the millions of birds that spend their life here.

Do you know that approximately 400 different species of birds are known to have occurred in the Barataria-Terrebonne system?  Of this number, it is thought that nearly 200 species are considered common to abundant at least during part of the year.  Sixty-four of these species are considered residents – year round inhabitants of southeast Louisiana.

Read on and learn of the bountifulness of coastal Louisiana, its natural places, and why this area is so important to many species of birds – not only those that reside here but also to the many migrants that pass through during different times of the year. 

This website is dedicated to providing information about the efforts underway to address birds and birding. We strive to provide factual information to those interested about Barataria-Terrebonne's avian resource. (BTNEP Action Plan: EM 15. Protection of Habitat for Migratory and Resident Birds)

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