Portals and Pathways of Invasive Species into Louisiana

There are many ways exotic organisms can be transported to new areas. Sometimes they are purposely imported, as with exotic pets, landscape plants, or livestock. Other times they arrive accidentally, hitchhiking on ships or in their cargo. These are some of the more common ways organisms can invade:

  1. Shipping
  2. Boating
  3. Transportation Corridors
  4. Ballast Water
  5. Hull Fouling
  6. Dunnage
  7. Aquaculture
  8. River Diversions
  9. Deliberate Stocking for Sport Fishing
  10. Baitfish
  11. Nursery/Water Garden Industries
  12. Agriculture
  13. Aquarium/Pet Industries
  14. Fur Industry
  15. Cultural Traditions
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