Selection Process

The project proposals that are submitted to the BTNEP Invasive Species Mini-Grants Program will be evaluated by the BTNEP Invasive Species Action Plan Team.   Proposals that are selected will be forwarded to the BTNEP Program Director for final approval.  A BTNEP staff person will serve as the Grants Administrator for each Mini-Grants recipient.

Under certain circumstances, the ISAPT may choose to provide partial funding for any individual proposal.  The decision to provide partial funding may be for, but is not limited to, projects that are already underway, projects that have secured other funding sources, or projects that the ISAPT may determine can be accomplished with less money.


Selection Criteria:

The proposals submitted to the Invasive Species Mini-Grants Program will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Compatibility with BTNEP Action Plans or State Management Plan
    Does the project address one or more of the CCMP Invasive Species Action Plans or the objectives and management actions of the State Management Plan for Aquatic Invasive Species in Louisiana?

  2. Feasibility
    Is the project viable? Is there enough detail to describe the proposed outcome?  Does the grant narrative demonstrate that the group or organization is capable of effectively completing the project?

  3. Positive Impact
    Does the project have a direct, demonstrable positive impact on the BTES?

  4. Community Support
    Is there a community need for this project? Is there community support for this project? Does the project have the potential to strengthen the community?  Is there a clear plan to publicize the project?

  5. Timeframe
    Can the BTNEP funded portion of the project be completed within a year?

  6. Technical Merit
    Is the project technically feasible?

  7. Evaluation Methods
    Does the project have a clear method of evaluating impact, attendance, or effectiveness?

  8. Cost Benefit
    Is the project a cost-effective investment?

  9. Matching Funds or Donations
    Although they are not required, proposals that have secured matching funds and/or in-kind donations denote a level of outside support, which will be considered a strength in the grant review process.
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