Directions to Grand Isle

  1. Turn south from Hwy 90 onto LA Hwy 308 (exit 215B) toward Grand Isle
  2. From Hwy. 308, continue south along Bayou Lafourche.  At Cut Off, 20 miles south of Hwy. 90, cross over Bayou
  3. LaFourche to La. Hwy 1 when you see Rouse's, Rite Aid, K-Mart and McDonald's across the Bayou.  Go approximately 2 miles south.
  4. You will see a sign on the right that says Port Fourchon-Grand Isle by the Southern Home Furnishings store. Turn right.
  5. This takes you on (LA 3161) to a 4-lane bypass and will take you south past Golden Meadow.  Be very careful to abide by the speed limits in this area.
  6. If you miss McDonalds don't worry, travel 4-5 miles south 'til you see Burger King on Hwy 308.  Turning here and crossing the bayou will take you on (LA 3162) to the 4-lane by pass.
  7. Continue south on LA 1 until it intersects with 3090.  This is Fourchon Rd.  Continue on LA1 heading east toward Grand Isle. Cross the CaminadaBaybridge and you are there. 

Free Birding Trail maps are available at the Grand Isle Port Commission Visitor’s Center on Hwy. LA 1.

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