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BTNEP has developed many resource materials including videos, posters and CDs available free of charge. The Educator's Guide to the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary is now available online. Please check back frequently for workshop details, photo gallery and video clip library, coming soon!  Highlighted and underlined items are available for immediate download right from this page.

If your school district is interested in scheduling free educator workshops please contact Alma Robichaux by email: alma@btnep.org.

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  • Down the Bayou

    Down the BayouDuring Louisiana’s 2008 brown shrimp season, a two person documentary crew traveled the waters of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary with several shrimpers to participate in and document their ways of work and life. Coastal land loss, among other factors have threatened Louisiana’s shrimping industry and this way of life. The loss of either would prove disastrous not only to the ...

  • Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future

    Vanishing Wetlands CoverThis zany video on the BTNEP seven priority problems is in the style of Bill Nye the Science Guy and is best suited for middle school, though the vocabulary is applicable to high school topics.

    › Follow this link to download the videos (Entire Video Run Time: 56:12 mins)
    Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future Video Teachers Guide Grades 6-8...

  • Explore Coastal Louisiana with Boudreaux and Marie

    Explore Coastal LA with Boudreaux and MarieAn interactive CD-Rom that addresses coastal wetland issues in Louisiana.  A component of the CD-Rom focuses on Barataria-Terrebonne and showcases it’s ecological, economic, and cultural importance.  A wetland quiz and bird and animal identification quizzes promote interaction and learning by interested people.  Boudreaux’s camp has a map room, kid’s room, and many other surprises, which can be accessed by the ...

  • Thibodeaux's Treasure

    Thibodeauxs Treasure CoverThis interactive educational and entertaining CD invites elementary school children to learn about our wetlands as they join Jeanne Thibodeaux and Tee Boudreaux on a treasure hunt journey. This CD will teach students basic skills and inspire coastal stewardship through a cartoon learning environment. Ideal for students K-4.

  • A Schoolhouse View of the Estuary

    Schoolhouse View of the Estuary"A Schoolhouse View of the Estuary" is designed to be used by classroom teachers in grades K-12.  Divided by grade levels with lessons, activities, maps and more for teachers to share with students, this CD is easy to navigate.  You can visit an elementary classroom, a middle school classroom, or a high school science lab to learn more about Louisiana ...

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