BTNEP has produced outstanding videos, CDs, and DVDs for entertainment and educational use. Below is a short content summary of each production, information on downloading PDF guides (where available), and accessing clips. Films in DVD format can be requested through the BTNEP Program Office.

Vanishing Pearls in Theaters

Vanishing Pearls

Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Nailah Jefferson's VANISHING PEARLS chronicles the untold story of personal and professional devastation in Pointe à la Hache, a close-knit fishing village on the Gulf coast.

The filmmaker delves into the worst environmental disaster in American history just as news cameras leave the scene of the crime. While 49 Million barrels of oil settle in the once vibrant coastal waters, a generations-old community of African-American fishermen pledge to fight for justice, accountability and their way of life.

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Down the Bayou DVD Cover

Down the Bayou

During Louisiana’s 2008 brown shrimp season, a two person documentary crew traveled the waters of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary with several shrimpers to participate in and document their ways of work and life. Coastal land loss, among other factors have threatened Louisiana’s shrimping industry and this way of life. The loss of either would prove disastrous not only to the people living here, but the nation as a whole. “Down the Bayou” presents an accurate account of a unique and endangered livelihood through the language, dialect, food, music and tradition of a truly singular culture.

Harvest to Restore DVD Cover

Harvest to Restore America's Coastal Heartland

It took 7500 years for the Mississippi River to create the wetlands of Southeast Louisiana. It took about 75 years for man to almost completely destroy them. Scientists estimate that there's only a decade, at most two, before it's too late to save them. America's coast heartland, so critical to the nation's energy, trade, and food supply, is washing away.

Film Collection 1 DVD CoverBTNEP Film Collection #1

The BTNEP Film Collection brings together our most popular videos in DVD format. Film Collection #1 includes: Haunted Waters Fragile Lands, Rescuing the Treasure, and Wings Over the Wetlands.



BTNEP FIlm Collection 2 DVD Cover

BTNEP Film Collection #2

The BTNEP Film Collection brings together our most popular videos in DVD format. Film Collection #2 includes: Bayou Lafourche: The Longest Street in the World, Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future, and EstuaryLIVE!



Wings Over the Wetlands VHS Cover

Wings Over the Wetlands

This video examines the importance of South Louisiana's wetland habitats to the many birds that either call this region home or who depend on it as they pass through during migration.

Wings Over the Wetlands Video Activity Sheet 


Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future VHS CoverVanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future

This lively video covers the seven priority problems affecting the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary.  Suited for middle and high school students.

Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future Video Teachers Guide Grades 6-8

Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future Video Teachers Guide Grades 9-12


Title Type Author Date Size Tags
01 Opening Credits & BTNEP .wmv 10.00 MB Download
02 Mississippi Delta .wmv 10.00 MB Download
03 Subsidence Demonstration .wmv 10.33 MB Download
04 Subsidence .wmv 12.02 MB Download
05 Fish Kills .wmv 8.31 MB Download
06 Pathogen Contamination .wmv 11.49 MB Download
07 Oyster Industry .wmv 9.93 MB Download
08 Toxic Substances .wmv 12.68 MB Download
09 Government Involvement .wmv 9.67 MB Download
10 Student's Views on Wetlands .wmv 13.77 MB Download

Rescuing the Treasure VHS CoverRescuing the Treasure

A sequel to Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands, describing the importance of estuaries and restoration techniques.

Rescuing the Treasures Video Activity Sheet



Title Type Author Date Size Tags
1 Opening Credits .wmv 409.01 KB Download
2 What is the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary .wmv 6.07 MB Download
3 Wildlife .wmv 6.12 MB Download
4 Tourism .wmv 7.34 MB Download
5 The Estuary Protects Us .wmv 6.18 MB Download
6 Subsidence .wmv 6.82 MB Download
7 Propblems and the Future .wmv 5.93 MB Download
8 Solutions and the Future .wmv 6.01 MB Download
9 This is Our Future .wmv 7.04 MB Download
10 Closing Credits .wmv 2.89 MB Download

Haunted Waters VHS CoverHaunted Waters, Fragile Lands

An award winning documentary on the cultural, geologic, and environmental history of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary System.


Haunted Waters Video Teachers Guide Grades 1-3

Haunted Waters Video Teachers Guide Grades 4-6

Haunted Waters Video Teachers Guide Grades 7-12

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
01 Opening .wmv 255.82 KB Download
02 People and the Environment .wmv 6.69 MB Download
03 History of Barrier Islands .wmv 6.01 MB Download
04 Settling of the Land .wmv 7.19 MB Download
05 Growning Economy .wmv 6.23 MB Download
06 Cypress Boom .wmv 25.25 MB Download
07 Levees .wmv 6.88 MB Download
08 Flooding and Sugarcane .wmv 4.93 MB Download
09 Trembling Prairies .wmv 6.54 MB Download
10 Hunting .wmv 5.05 MB Download
11 Muskrats .wmv 6.07 MB Download
12 Nutrias and Marshes .wmv 5.93 MB Download
13 Oil Business .wmv 7.62 MB Download
14 Harvesting Alligators .wmv 3.90 MB Download
15 Life from the Water .wmv 10.13 MB Download
16 Ethnic Influences .wmv 5.68 MB Download
17 Death by the Sea .wmv 7.68 MB Download
18 Erosion Rates .wmv 5.91 MB Download
19 Closing Credits .wmv 3.48 MB Download

EstuaryLIVE VHS CoverEstuaryLIVE!

Students investigate the rich bounty of shrimp, redfish, crabs and oysters, offshore oil rigs, pelicans and other resident and migratory birds, and learn of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary's importance to the nation.

Estuary Live Activity Book

Estuary LIVE Video Activity Sheet

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
01 Intro .wmv 14.07 MB Download
02 American Alligators .wmv 7.10 MB Download
03 Barrier Islands .wmv 1.83 MB Download
04 Birds .wmv 17.92 MB Download
05 Black Mangrove .wmv 2.84 MB Download
06 Claudette Natural Resources .wmv 3.05 MB Download
07 Crabs .wmv 24.17 MB Download
08 Crawfish .wmv 11.17 MB Download
09 Elmers Island Community Involvement .wmv 3.19 MB Download
10 Jean Lafitte .wmv 2.42 MB Download
11 Levees .wmv 16.67 MB Download
12 Oil .wmv 2.69 MB Download
13 Oysters .wmv 11.58 MB Download
14 Redfish .wmv 6.71 MB Download
15 Salt Water Intrusion .wmv 7.08 MB Download
16 Shrimp Cycle .wmv 5.07 MB Download
17 Conclusion .wmv 8.45 MB Download
18 Questions .wmv 13.87 MB Download
19 More Questions .wmv 14.97 MB Download

Bayou Lafourche DVD CoverBayou Lafourche: The Longest Street in the World

A fascinating documentary that captures the history, culture, lifestyle, environmental troubles and emerging ecological solutions of the 100-mile ribbon of bayou that weaves through the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary.


Title Type Author Date Size Tags
01 Introduction .wmv 3.34 MB Download
02 Bayou History .wmv 2.88 MB Download
03 Saltwater Intrusion .wmv 3.56 MB Download
04 Losing the Wetlands .wmv 3.88 MB Download
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