BTNEP and our partner organizations conducted research to support the development of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.  That resulting reports and publications are useful tools in understanding the complex social and ecological dynamics within the estuary.  Today, BTNEP continues to work to develop publications that help to inform residents, industry, and planners.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Final Proof 161641 ShorebirdsLR .pdf 5.16 MB Download
BTNEP Residents' Guide to Coastal Wetlands Restoration .pdf 1.37 MB Download
btnep Annual report 2015 .pdf 2.20 MB Download
Attracting Wildlife with Native Plants Residents Guide to Attracting Wildlife with Native Plants. Explains the concept of the urban forest and why gardening and landscaping with Louisiana native plants can be so beneficial to wildlife. .pdf 703.65 KB Download
Louisiana Sparrows Written by Bill Fontenot and Richard DeMay .pdf 2.26 MB Download
SeabirdCompendium A Catalog of Louisiana's Nesting Seabird Colonies .pdf 14.52 MB Download
BTNEP_StakeholderRpt_863822 btnep 2008 stakeholders Report .pdf 2.40 MB Download
Louisiana Hummingbirds Illustrated Guide book to Hummingbirds in Louisiana. 118640 Hummingbirds book. .pdf 10.28 MB Download
Shedding Light on Our Estuary and Our economy Environmental Indicator Report‏: Shedding Light on Our Estuary and Our economy .pdf 2.23 MB Download
AtlasCensusofWading2001 Atlas and Census of Wading Bird and Seabird Nesting Colonies in South Louisiana, 2001 .pdf 27.71 MB Download
Birds_SeasonalAbundance_LORES Seasonal Abundance of Birds of Louisiana .pdf 2.63 MB Download
Chenieres Vanishing Before Our Eyes Vanishing Before Our Eyes: Louisiana Cheniere Woods and the Birds that Depend on Them .pdf 2.00 MB Download
HabitatsofBT_lowres Habitats of Barataria Terrebonne and Their Importance to Migratory and Resident Birds .pdf 8.20 MB Download
LaRaptorsBirdsofPrey_LowRes Louisiana Raptors Birds of Prey .pdf 2.56 MB Download
WadingBirdsinLa Wading Birds in Louisiana .pdf 5.39 MB Download
LouisianaBreedingWoodWarblers_ LowRes Louisiana Breeding Wood Warblers .pdf 11.89 MB Download
2002 Indicator Report Status of the health of the Estuary based on data collected by various resource agencies. .pdf 3.22 MB Download
Clean Marina Guide A guide for marina owners and users illustrating laws and practices to protect the environment. .pdf 864.68 KB Download
Louisiana Estuary Cuisine Cookbook A Culinary Guide to Cooking with Louisiana Plants and Animals .pdf 4.04 MB Download
Spill Prevention Guide A guide to oil spill prevention for industry and employees. .pdf 1.80 MB Download
Rare Animals of the Louisianas Coastal Zone A field guide to identification of rare animals in the Louisiana Coastal Zone .pdf 7.18 MB Download
Rare Plants of the Louisianas Coastal Zone A field guide to identification of rare plants in the Louisiana Coastal Zone .pdf 19.25 MB Download
Bald Eagle Guide Four-page guide on eagle history and the return of the Bald Eagle to Louisiana. .pdf 16.88 MB Download
Natural Communities of Louisianas Coastal Zone A field guide to identification of natural communities in the Louisiana Coastal Zone .pdf 4.47 MB Download
Status and Trends of Hydrologic Modification, Reduction in Sediment Availability and Habitat Loss and Modification Publication #20 .pdf 15.32 MB Download
Status and Trends in Probable Causes of Change in Living Resources Publication #21 .pdf 6.85 MB Download
Status and Trends of Eutrophication, Pathogen Contamination, and Toxic Substances Publication #22 .pdf 8.04 MB Download
Land Use and Socioeconomic Status and Trends Publication #23 .pdf 3.16 MB Download
Elevational Data Gathering Publication #25 .pdf 3.41 MB Download
Economic Value Assessment Publication #26 .pdf 1.61 MB Download
Marsh Vegetation-Types of Barataria and Terrebonne Estuaries 1968-Present Publication #29 .pdf 5.12 MB Download
Migratory Bird (Neotropical and Shorebirds) Management Plan Publication #30 .pdf 8.18 MB Download
A Survey of Vegetative Damage Caused by Nutria Herbivory in the Barataria and Terrebonne Basins Publication #31 .pdf 1.98 MB Download
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